5 Tips You Should Know if You Want to Be a Better Caregiver

Numerous family members are thrust into the role of caregiving in the face of sudden crisis, such as an elderly loved one having an unexpected fall or an unforeseen visit to the ER because a loved one had a heart attack. When the hospital is getting ready to discharge a patient, they often won’t release the patient unless they know that someone is going to be home 24 hours a day to ensure that the patient receives adequate attention and assistance.

Without much former training in the medical field, many family members enter the role of caregiving blindly. According to Dr. Barry J. Jacobs, licensed psychologist and author of The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers, blindly accepting the role of caregiving “is akin to the misguided runner in crocs and jeans with no clue about how far they have to travel.”

Regardless of how long you’ve been caring for your elderly loved one, whether you started today or you’ve been a caregiver for over five years, A-1 Home Care lists some helpful tips for you:

1. Be good to yourself. Acknowledge the contributions you have made toward your elderly loved one’s well-being and recognize yourself as the outstanding citizen and responsible, loving son or daughter that you are.

2 Make time for activities you enjoy. Whether it’s 30 minutes a day watching a sitcom on your smart phone or listening to relaxing music for 15 minutes a day, do something that will lighten up your day.

3. Find a respite caregiver. Can’t find the time to get away? Find some respite care relief from A-1 Home Care. We will provide 24 hour care for your loved one while you take a few days off just for yourself.

4. Open yourself up to a supportive relative or friend. Surround yourself with people who will also acknowledge your efforts and reinforce the positive difference you are making in your elderly loved one’s life. Let them into your life, your mind and your heart so they can divide the burden with you, even if it’s just emotional burden.

5. Be willing to accept help. If a friend, neighbor or relative offers to help, say “yes” and don’t be ashamed to accept help. It could be something as small as running an errand or picking up a prescription.


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